Posted: Feb 06, 2012 5:34 pm
by Zwaarddijk
LIFE wrote:
Seabass wrote:There's not a damn thing you can do to curtail such mainstream butchering, so I would suggest making an effort to be less petty and judgmental.

Different regions have different dialects. Languages evolve. Get over it.

Oh it's not that I can't sleep at night because of this. You know how the saying goes "Constant dripping wears away the stone."? It's hard to ignore it all day and I felt the need to vent. Maybe it's pointless to you, doesn't mean I'm more petty and judgmental, or whatever you're accusing me of ;)

It's the same as evolution, really. If, at some point, language is mutated by some group to a point where it's useless, their useless version will not spread. If some group mutate it to a point where it's useful, but requires too much effort to gain any ground, it will likewise not spread. Language will converge at some kind of natural optimum of maximal usefulness for minimal effort.

Why's it so easy to believe evolution works, but not believe that it helps maintain our languages as well?

One thing people often get annoyed at is people talking in a redundant manner - but redundance is very useful, as it guarantees that some information is passed by. People are often annoyed by people omitting things - but omission is also useful if the information can be assumed to be known already - saves parsing effort for someone who

We adjust the rules of our language all the time - sometimes, given some circumstances in which the language is to be spoken, we produce a better result, sometimes a less good result - but we generally can't know whether it's better or worse until it's been tested for some time. Someone who ends up being asked "excuse me, what do you mean" or "excuse me, come again?" all the time will adjust his way of speaking if he's clever - because that reaction will be awkward to run into all the time. On the opposite end, someone who never gets that reaction can save effort by being slightly less clear - no need to waste energy on being more clear than necessary is there?