Posted: Feb 07, 2012 12:52 pm
by Zwaarddijk
Mazille wrote:
Zwaarddijk wrote:
One thing people often get annoyed at is people talking in a redundant manner - but redundance is very useful, as it guarantees that some information is passed by. People are often annoyed by people omitting things - but omission is also useful if the information can be assumed to be known already - saves parsing effort for someone who

Tee-hee. :tehe:


... someone who can be safely assumed to know most of the situation already. Who cares to sit through someone restating what's already obvious to both participants in a talk?

As an aside, this is quite an obvious indication as to how I write posts - jumping from tab to tab, editing slightly, pausing in the middle of a chain of thoughts to look up some source, every now and then forgetting some clause like that.