Posted: Apr 08, 2012 5:26 pm
by Zwaarddijk
I have a bunch of posts in my drafts folder that've been maturing for about half a year, a number of essays on topics in linguistics. I've tried to word them in a way that would explain some important ideas and topics in linguistics. I will shy from the more Chomskyan parts of it, though, as I ultimately don't see how that's of any relevance to most people. I genuinely think most people that talk about language are very uninformed about it.

As an illustrate, try answering the following questions. If you get them right, try thinking what people in general will think about these questions.
  • How many vowels does English have?
  • Is double negation illogical? Should two negations cancel out? Is this a thing languages in general should/do conform to?
  • What is the oldest language in Europe?
  • Is the language of the San the purest, oldest language of the world?
  • Is French (or English, or ...) more logical than other languages?

I will dismantle myths about language, I'll try to get rid of faulty notions of language, and I hope to introduce some basic familiarity with the methodology available in research regarding language. Not only do I hope to dispel you of myths, I hope to establish a healthy ability to reject bullshit claims regarding languages in general.

The first installment will come later today.