Posted: Apr 08, 2012 9:11 pm
by virphen
I won't be able to answer exactly how many vowels English has, but I am sure the expected wrong answer is 5 (or 6), as people do tend to regard the written language as the "real" language. I'd guess there were at least 15.

Double negation doesn't have to be illogical... the way it has been explained as working in French to me is that the first negation acts more as a signal that a negation is actually going to follow ... e.g. je ne (signal) sais pas (negation). Even in languages where it's considered a sign of ill education that to me is more snobbery than anything else, it seems that language just mutates, and that is it's nature. Today's error can be tomorrow's hard and fast grammatical rule.

Aren't all languages essentially the same age?

What does it mean for a language to be more logical than another?