Posted: Mar 21, 2014 2:07 am
by seeker
hackenslash wrote:
seeker wrote:Why not? It's a discipline that is doing some empirical research about those topics. I'm interested in empirical research.

Well, the problem is that linguistics is a descriptive discipline, and you seem to be looking for authority. Linguists aren't authoritative on what words mean.

Well, that's your assumption, and that's not what I've said. All I've said is that I'm interested in knowing the linguists's conventional usages and definitions.

hackenslash wrote:TBH, your entire endeavour is a lost cause, because what really defines a word is usage. If you want rigour, linguistics is the wrong place to look. You'd be better off with the philosophers, as long as you can find some that know their arses from their elbows.

I don't have your a priori trust in philosophers, nor your a priori distrust in linguists.

hackenslash wrote:
seeker wrote:What do you mean by "dictating terms of discourse"?

It's a fairly unambiguous phrase. When you enjoined Aggie not to 'add irrelevant noise to the thread', you were attempting to dictate the terms of discourse. This might work for you elsewhere, but when people try it here, I make it my business to ensure that your terms are not met. The terms of discourse are set by the FUA. Your opinion regarding the contributions of others is worth precisely fuck all. Should Aggie wish to respond to your posts with pictures of turds, that is her right and fuck all to do with you.
Hope that's clear.

Of course, Aggripina can do whatever she wants within the FUA. But so do I. And what I can do within the FUA includes asking whatever I want (even if Aggripina doesn't like my question) and requesting her not adding irrelevant noise to my thread (even if you don't like my request).
Anyway, it's not a matter of "dictating the terms of discourse". The OP determines what is on-topic and off-topic within each thread. This thread is about "how do linguists define and use these terms". The OP is clear about this. If Aggripina's posts don't engage this issue, then they will be off-topic within this thread (even if they are valuable by any other standards).