Posted: Mar 21, 2014 6:38 am
by Agrippina
seeker wrote:
Agrippina wrote:Again, I repeat, I'm not looking for a fight.

It doesn't look like that. Anyway, it's simple: my question was addressed to linguists ("I have doubts about how do linguists define and use these terms"), and you're not a linguist ("I'm not a linguist but I do know something about English"), so my question was not addressed to you. So, please, don't add irrelevant noise to my thread. Thanks.

Hmm I wonder who is looking for a fight.

1) You're not the boss of Ratskep, so you don't dictate who is and who isn't allowed to post here.
2) It's not "your" thread. It's just a thread that I was interested in reading.
3) I tried to help you because you asked what those words meant, and I gave you places to look for definitions.
4) No thank you, just "go away and don't look for a fight on my thread."

Linguists don't define words. They explain where the words come from, i.e. the etymology (the source, derivation, history and origin of words). So asking a linguist for a definition is not the source you're looking for, unless you want to know where the words you mention originated, in which case, you would find the answers in Wikipedia, which is what I told you to do.

So don't pick a fight with me, learn some goddamned manners and say "thank you!" :roll: