Posted: Mar 21, 2014 10:08 am
by Agrippina
Zwaarddijk wrote:
Agrippina wrote:Thank god you arrived. Please explain to seeker what his words mean, so we can move on! :thumbup:

The point about his questions being malformed still stands, though, to some extent.

OK. I don't mean to demean linguistics, I hope you understand that. I just don't understand why if he asks for the etymology, he asks for a definition. So please can you help out with the original question, if it makes sense to you that is. At least he did explain further on that he wasn't looking for a definition per se, but more for what you do. :thumbup:

(PS - and off topic - are you OK? Haven't seen you for ages? I don't get your blog updates either, are you still doing that?)[/off topic]