Posted: Mar 21, 2014 7:18 pm
by surreptitious57
Agrippina wrote:
I have to admire people who are able to write fiction. While my writing for academic purposes is sometimes a little too
casual, when I write fiction, apart from having a really hard time thinking up stories, I forget that it is all about direct
speech, and write long, boring lectures

I also do creative writing and for me the hardest thing is coming up with an idea to start with. I can write something if I just have a title to go on but nothing at all is next to impossible. For I have no real imagination. Now I know of mind mapping but it is not my thing. I need to have it in my head because I do not do rough drafts as such. I used to send work off but only once have I ever had anything published so I am now resigned to just writing for myself. I have always loved the written word and have read ever since leaving school. And my one serious ambition was to be a journalist but I was not qualified so could not become one. But I admire those who appear to write so effortlessly and with passion and precision too. I wish I could but I know it is beyond me. And especially at my age [ I am forty nine ] But I do what I can. I do find that as i get older I read a greater variety of fiction and non fiction than ever before. I will read history and religion and physics and philosophy and politics and crime and art for example. The only criteria are that the subject matter must be interesting and it must be
well written. And so while I will never be a writer myself I can take great pleasure from reading the words of others