Posted: Jun 09, 2016 11:49 pm
by scott1328
In my area, it is called "bathroom" if the room with the toilet has a shower or tub in it. It is called a "powder room" if the room with the toilet in it has a sink and mirror in it, but no shower or tub. If the toilet is alone in small room it is called a "water closet" or WC

Water closets are common in master suites (whose en suite bathrooms invariably contain double vanities, almost always have whirlpool , deep soaking tubs, and large walk in showers with several massaging, soaking, and hand-held shower heads) where bathing facilities are shared by couples. The WC provides privacy for one partner while another uses the sink, tub or shower. Presumably washing or bathing in a state of undress does not require privacy, but defecating and urinating does.