Posted: Jun 10, 2016 2:04 am
by The_Piper
Fallible wrote:I am unable to understand how either word actually describes a toilet. You don't go there to rest, and it doesn't have a bath in it.

Bathrooms in homes usually do have bath tubs or shower stalls. Restrooms at buildings other than homes usually don't, but if you call it a bathroom, usually no one gets pedantic about it, they know what you mean. You can call it a shitter too, and a slew of other slang words work, but that's usually among non-strangers. I'm not going to ask the secretary at a real estate officce where the hopper is, for instance. I could, but their face may turn red.
some people call it the toilet as well, but not me, because a. I'm civilized, and b. it's a room containing a toilet. I could just call it the sink and be on just as firm ground. Why not call it the windowfucking sill?