Posted: Nov 26, 2017 10:24 am
by Keep It Real
Cito di Pense wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:Bigotry - intolerance toward opinions or actions one disagrees with.

Some people do seem to insist on that definition. I find it difficult to be intolerant of such opinions, since I don't know what the point of policing people semantically would be.

take republicanism; AGW denial and flat earth belief. And those are just some of the opinions most of us here are intolerant towards. The list of actions most people are intolerant towards would be truly epic.

If finding the correct way to perceive bigotry has the potential to save the world, even via asserting that the term is meaningless, have at it, my friend.

Can't I start a thread that doesn't claim to hold the keys of a panacea for a change? lol ;)

Call my attitude intolerance if you like, or call it bigotry, if you're really worked up about it. I gain no sense of caution from finding that somebody at the other end of an internet pipe is really worked up about something.

I'm not really worked up about it - it's just irritating and should be addressed imo.