Posted: Mar 04, 2018 3:12 pm
by Cito di Pense
John Platko wrote:
LucidFlight wrote:
John Platko wrote:
LucidFlight wrote:I guess if your behaviour does not adversely affect you, then it is not a disorder.

What if it adversely affects someone else?

Yes, good point. Let us expand the notion of "you" to include those around you. That could be an indicator of some sort of disorder that might need investigating.

I'm thinking the set of people that fit that defintion is rather large.

Suppose we believe that adverse effects on us are dominantly due to laziness, incompetence, neglect, or even malice on the part of others; what then? Are most people lazy, incompetent, neglectful or malicious? I doubt it. Suppose we treat those in some authority according to a belief they are generally lazy, incompetent, neglectful or malicious. Will they think we're mistreating them, assuming they care at all? Am I describing some 'mental disorder'? If so, name it. (I'm just asking on behalf of a friend.)