Posted: Mar 01, 2019 2:31 am
by scott1328
don't get me started wrote:Thanks Ironclad and Fallible... I'm glad that you found the content worthwhile.

Rest assured that down the pub on a Friday with my mates and cronies I'm sweary bullshiter and piss-taker, not a finger wagging know-all :drunk:

Back on topic..(kind of)...

A friend who was teaching in the secondary school system in the UK was marking the history projects of his students.
One student may have been deficient in his knowledge of English spelling conventions but was unwittingly insightful about historical realities when he/she wrote.

"The inside of Anglo-Saxon houses were dark and smoky, and there was rough mating on the floor." ;)

I found your post facinating. This forum could do with a lot more of that kind of contribution!