Posted: Mar 01, 2019 2:57 pm
by Evolving
don't get me started wrote:I once read somewhere that as Octopus is based on Greek, not Latin, if we wanted to pluralize it according to the rules of Greek, then we should rightly say 'Octopodes'.

That's true (and in German, quite uncontroversially, the plural is Oktopoden), but in English that seems to me far too precious and pedantic, and I always say "octopuses" on the incredibly frequent occasions when I refer to the animals.

The objection to "octopi" is that it's a false friend: it's not an English plural, and as a Latin plural it's the wrong language for "octopus". We might as well say "we went to the airport in a couple of omnibi" or "we cooked the venison with a few delicious ji".