Posted: Sep 15, 2019 4:21 pm
by Fallible
Who cares whether wokeness or microaggressions point to entitled babies? If that connection can be made should we then automatically disregard their opinions or statements about what they would prefer? I’ve never understood this. It’s often been said that if you’re “too soft” on a child you’ll “ruin” them. Number one I’ve not seen anything that conclusively backs that statement up, but number two, who honestly thinks it’s their business to not “ruin” someone who isn’t even their child by paying attention to what they say? You can have any opinion you like on what you think of these “babies”. You’re just a reactionary twat if you think you can inflict your opinions on others by referring to them in the way you find acceptable, against their explicit wishes. Hence Scott’s comment above. What, exactly, does it cost you to be mindful of others asking specifically for something in relation to themselves?