Posted: Apr 20, 2012 2:00 pm
by HughMcB
inkaStepa wrote:I'm a girl! Lol I thought engineers did work on things like models? The men in my family are auto mechanics and I've always thought it would easy to just do that but I always went along with my moms wishes and didn't take it up but I really wish I had now.


I'm a mechanical engineer. Firstly, getting a bachelor's degree in engineering is hard work. Courses are notorious for having a lot of lecture hours and difficult course content. You would want to be reasonably comfortable with both Math and Applied Math/Physics before entertaining undertaking such a course. Although in University you will most likely get some "hands on" experience with familiarizing yourself with manufacturing and production, perhaps building things for projects or doing some welding classes, electronics labs etc. every now and again, most of the University work will be sitting in lecture halls running through pages and pages and pages and pages of physics like content.

In the working world you will most likely be a paper pusher of sorts, however you may get to work on a construction site or in a manufacturing facility but even then your role would be more supervisory and hands off. Again this may vary but for the vast majority of engineers, this is the case.