Posted: Apr 20, 2012 10:27 pm
by ramseyoptom
inkaStepa wrote:^^I don't think I would do well as an engineer- I wouldn't be able to take so much math. I'm not going to do military either after looking at all of the gives/takes of it.

I'm going to just finish my biology bachelors and the pre med courses I need. I don't think my gpa will be anywhere near what med school look for but I think it's too late to turn back now.

You don't have to do a degree in the US to become a Doctor, the UK course is 5 years (4 years for graduate entry so you may qualify under that ) but after that there is more training depending on the chosen speciality.

Alternatives (in simliar fields)
Nursing (and most nursing qualifications appear to be accepted worldwide with little problems)
Dentistry ( OK if you like to talk but aren't bothered by a reply :lol: )
Paramedic (get to drive a vehicle with blue flashing lights and a two-tone horn)
Veterinary ( course is the same length as medicine - however you either have your arm up a cows ass or the chance of being bitten by some horrible little dog - think James Herriot)
Optometry (live in a dark room all day but you may get out to do home visits)
Dispensing Optician
Chiropody - smelly feet!
Prosthetic Technician

Chef, brewer (micro-breweries are all the rage in the US at the moment I believe), baker, chocolatiere.

Plumbers are earning good money in the UK at the moment.


With a Biology degree you could try wildlife photography