Posted: Mar 03, 2015 8:54 pm
by IanRaugh
cavarka9 wrote:make it arts and skeptics club and get a few hot girls to join up first and then just invite a couple of nerds and then boom!. New movements depend on popularity of initial recruits! Also timings matter!. People dont just join up to be skeptical, they need to feel good about themselves, so make it also about arts. You never know whats going to work. Just keep tinkering. What is it with people which is keeping them away?. timings?, skeptics are low in number to begin with?. Too much work to do?. Just do a random survey and ask people why?

A lot of them just talk about time commitment. They say they are too busy with their studies.

Also, due to how insulated our engineering department is, most people don't even know that the club exists much less what we're about.