Posted: Jun 10, 2013 12:41 am
by bemore
Are there any poets on this board? Anybody willing to share any of their pieces?

Here are a few of mine...

Infinity.......and the slice of it I cling to.
So precious, but I really dont appreciate how much yet.
My life.....this "I".....whose significance I pass through.
Time, space and to a mere moment.

What is it I experience...
I ask whilst experiencing it...
Why should I live...
I ask whilst living it...
What is the purpose...
I ask whilst fullfilling it...

My day is divided between asleep and awake.
One is real.... the other is fake.
Yet when I dream I can be aware I can wake.
These places I go...the things I do....these people I see.
In my dreams.....there all tiny parts.....that are reflecting my "awake" reality.
I am aware of them.....are they aware of me.......when there shouldnt be we.....because everything in them is me.

So if I live in a world that I think is a mess......are my dreams part of me trying to sort out some sense.
If dreams are reflections of what I see as my reality........then what is shaping reality (if not "me")
Given that thought, im now left with an incomplete view.......I think ill use faith to fill the gaps if I need to.

Unimaginable pain and fear.....that I have tasted.
I know it exists yet how do I erase it???
I can try the best for me.........but what of them???
Whats good for me....isnt necesarily whats needed by all men.

Even if I could bear this shoulder of responsibility.
Nobody gave this task......I take it upon willingly.
Yet I ask who am I to set the rules of life and law.
I am not owner of the animals, lands or shore.

I am nobody except my own keeper....only I can take myself into the future.

Sometimes it rains...huge looming and ominous storms.But is not raing outside.... its raining in me.

I tell myself I have control over life.Yet this independent will can do nothing but hold on and weather the emotional storm... at its mercy.

Covering oneselfs up... remembering sunny days... waiting for a break in the clouds.

Jumbled and hazy.
Some funny, some crazy.
Fast paced and lazy.
Just a few memories that make me.

A few have gave a light hearted touch.
Whilst others... just seem to much...
And at the heart, at the crux
Is the reason, the person and why we take so much.

The feelings they give me, echo the days before.
Although in my head that day seems an eternity and more.
The more days I look back on, the more life seems to quickly slip and fade through night and day.
And I awaken each morning... a new person, a new way.

I take them everywhere I go, there can be only numbing.
But no matter how far you go, there is no running.
For these are the things that are your becoming.

(Apologies if my overuse of ........ annoys any grammar nazis) :whistle: