Posted: Sep 22, 2013 12:55 pm
by kennyc
As you may know (or not) we've had tremendous flooding here in Colorado. Utah Park near my house in fact flooded, many houses were damaged along the drainage canal and in the area (I and my house is unscathed). Peoria Street which runs beside the park is still closed and under repair though the park itself is pretty much back to normal water levels in pond, etc.

Here is one from my collection The Poet of Utah Park:

The Wolf Pack of Utah Park

You hear her wicked witch voice
from somewhere across the park

You can’t see them at all but you know they are near
The Wolf Pack of Utah Park

Your heart skips a beat, anxiety rises
you wish to turn around

The wild Pomeranians, the evil Chihuahuas
the vicious Terrier -- leader of the pack

A poor li’l hunched over man in her evil thrall
does his best to manage three of the wicked brood

but they move like chaos across the walk
they are everywhere at once

As you try to pass she flashes her evil and deadly smile
the Pomeranian nips your ankles, the poodle pisses on your feet

You hear her cackles fade, as you hurry to distance yourself
once again, for one more day, from the Wolf Pack of Utah Park

Kenny A. Chaffin - 8/14/2013