Posted: Nov 22, 2013 12:22 pm
by quisquose
I knew nothing about this film, but we are usually watching BBC4 so on it came. When it began we thought it might be a nature documentary so was about to switch over to the Dr Who drama when something kept us watching ...

All I can say WOW, what a film. It held us terrified, ashamed, shocked and yet mesmerised. I was aware of the death of Dawn Brancheau, but didn't realise there was so many others.

We felt ashamed because we have twice gone as a family to watch that show in Florida, and most likely watched Dawn Brancheau "perform" with Tilikum. I certainly remember the floppy dorsal fin. I filmed the show first time, just like one of those idiots Scarlett describes ... I was an idiot.

The scene where the trainer was repeatedly dragged down, then given a few secs to catch his breath, was one of the most scary, yet absorbing, dramas I have seen.

At times we all had tears in our eyes.

I have signed the petition, and would recommend the film to everybody.