Posted: Nov 29, 2013 2:31 am
by Rachel Bronwyn
It's a relief people's eyes are finally being opened to this matter. Orca researchers have been well aware of everything Blackfish had to say for ages. I don't now a single cetologist who would tell you "Yeah, they're suitable for captivity and the circumstances under which they're kept at marine parks are good enough". I have a cetologist dad so I was always better informed than most about what makes and orca and orca and how they can't really exist as they've evolved to in the sterile tanks we provide them with.

Seaworld removes natural threats from the lives of orcas but imposes a lot more suffering on them than it alleviates. Orca just can't be held captive in a humane fashion based on their unique characteristics and what's provided for them in these parks.

People would like you to believe it's all just an emotional ploy based on anthropomorphisation but the fact of the matter is it's based on what we know about dolphins, orca in particular. We aren't the only emotionally and intellectually complex animal. We should be treating animals in accordance with their individual characteristics.