Posted: Jan 03, 2014 11:49 pm
by monkeyboy
I long since gave up attending or taking my kids to zoos. I had the very priveledged opportunity to swim with wild dolphins at Clearwater last year. They were swimming close to the edge of the water and I jumped in to swim close to them. 4 of them came to see this nosy intruder to their environment and I was able to touch them and be generally jostled and bumped around as they swam around me for a few minutes before probably deciding that since I hadn't brought fish, I was of no use other than a momentary curiosity.
I totally cherished the moment and appreciated it all the more for them being totally wild and free to make their own choice to come to me rather than being somehow coerced or forced as in one of the commercial "swim with a dolphin " type experience.

The price I did pay though was a swim of around half a mile to the nearest point I could climb out of the water but hey, it was well worth the effort.

I hate the thought of big fish like this being cooped up in places like Seaworld. They cover huge distances in the wild and thrive on company. The cruelty involved in their being kept in captivity for our "entertainment" sickens me. I couldn't bring myself to watch this film.