Posted: Jul 16, 2014 7:11 am
by Nicko
Mr.Samsa wrote:I think you're making a slightly different claim than the one IT responded to there. You initially said: "Marvel will find that the kind of person who is going to be impressed by this change wouldn't buy comics no matter what", and since IT is both impressed by the change AND is willing to buy the comic, then it does refute that claim (as written at least).

Ah, fair enough.

Mr.Samsa wrote:Why is Thor specifically a problem? When Thor falls from grace and his hammer rejects him, why would it have to be a man to take his place? We don't even know the specifics of the situation - they might use the same name because the new Thor is a clone of the original so has the same name.

New wielder of Mjolnir? Okay.

That new wielder is a woman? Okay.

That new wielder takes the name "Thor"? WTF.

Mr.Samsa wrote:I think it's more of a "wait and see" thing rather than a "WTF" thing.

I think it's more of a WTF thing.

Hey, it's only comics.