Posted: Jul 16, 2014 8:13 am
by Fenrir
Nicko wrote:
Ironclad wrote:
Nicko wrote:I think it's already been done before in What If's and temporary storylines.

My prediction is that this will be a temporary story arc that will end with the male Thor back wielding the hammer. Marvel will find that the kind of person who is going to be impressed by this change wouldn't buy comics no matter what. Meanwhile, the real new readership that is being attracted to the comic - that is, people who have watched the MCU movies - will just be confused as fuck.

I smell Loki's trickery.. :think:

I think that was the storyline I was talking about.

Casting Loki as female now, interesting and true to the Eddas.

Not sure if comic readers would appreciate Loki as a female horse though.