Posted: Aug 21, 2014 11:55 am
by Goldenmane
pelfdaddy wrote:This legend that Einstein was a lowly clerk laboring in obscurity until his genius was discovered is false. He was a physicist, academically accomplished, and known to be brilliant. His problem was also his strength: he rejected appeals to authority, thus rubbing his teachers the wrong way and making his life difficult within the academic realm, while also clearing the way for his brilliance to emerge.

He did not have a network of friends like the apple-polishers had, professors refused to recommend him for teaching positions, and he took the only job he could get at the time.

Exactly. He wasn't a patent clerk because he was academically challenged, but because he wasn't inclined to slurp authority cock. He was highly academically qualified. Hell, he had to be qualified to be a fucking patent clerk.