Posted: Oct 08, 2014 12:21 am
by Shrunk
Animavore wrote:
Shrunk wrote:
Animavore wrote:Oh thank fuck.
One of the best episodes ever is on now.
Frank Grimes.

Probably my favourite episode.

I was just looking at the Wiki homepage and it happened to have the Frank Grimes episode as the pick of the day.
I was surprised to read the reception it got in America

According to Josh Weinstein, when the episode was first broadcast, many fans felt it was too dark, lacked humor and that Homer was portrayed as overly bad-mannered. Weinstein considers this episode one of the most controversial of the seasons he ran, as it involves sharp observational humor which he thinks many fans "didn't get." Weinstein also talks about a "generation gap"—he believes the episode was originally panned by viewers, but has since become a favorite among fans who grew up with the show.

Over this side of the water this type of humour would hardly have batted an eyelid.

Happy Birthday by the way :drunk:

Hey, thanks!

Over three years later, I finally clicked on that link, and learned for the first time that Hank Azaria provided the voice of Frank Grimes. It's like a late birthday present.