Posted: Apr 17, 2015 2:31 pm
by Nicko
Sendraks wrote:
Nicko wrote:A great summing up of why this is a really bad idea.

Seems about right, although it fails slightly on Beta Ray Bill, who clearly wasn't merging with Thor as evidenced by whatever hammer he was holding (Mjolnir or Stormbreaker) he was still Beta Ray Bill.

Um, yeah. That's the point.

The people who have "become" Thor have done so by merging with the Son of Odin in some way (Donald Blake, Eric Masterton, Jake Olsen and Red Norvell). Those who have wielded Mjolnir without such a merging (Beta Ray Bill, Steve Rogers and Wonder Woman [crossover]) have not become Thor.

The new wielder is clearly in the latter camp - because she's actually met* the "old" Thor and told him to just fucking man up about the fact that she's stolen his identity and none of his friends seem to give a fuck - yet the writer seems not to get that.

Sendraks wrote:Which oddly works in support of the argument in that you can still have Thor and another person with Thor powers, who isn't Thor. Regardless of sex or species they are.


Which is irrelevant, as the woman wielding Mjolnir is* running around calling herself Thor. The writer of this abortion of a storyline has specifically stated that this is not just a woman wielding Mjolnir (which would be fine), this is the new Thor.

Which is retarded. Comic book fans will entertain ridiculous storylines; they will not tolerate retarded ones.

Sendraks wrote:So saying this "isn't Thor" has nothing to do with sexism and everything to do with whatever vague shreds of consistency Marvel continuity hangs onto.

You are correct to point out that continuity and "canon" are pretty delicate flowers.

All the more reason not to shit on them from a great height.

To take a hypothetical from another title, it is entirely possible that Doctor Strange could be replaced as "Sorcerer Supreme" of the MCU. Maybe he dies. Maybe he fucks up. Maybe he retires after decades of coping with the immanent destruction of reality every month or so. Regardless, he's gone and someone else needs to step into the breech.

Sounds like an interesting story, no?

The new "Sorcerer Supreme" is a woman.

Alright. No reason why gender should be a bar. At all. Ability is generally what one is looking for in a job that includes the word "supreme" in it's title, and there is no reason why the most qualified candidate must have a penis rather than a vagina secreted within the depths of their funky blue tights.

The new "Sorcerer Supreme" gets the Eye of Agamotto and the big red levitation cloak.

Entirely reasonable. The tools come with the job.

The new "Sorcerer Supreme" installs herself in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Yep. You get the job, the office comes with. Though you might want to change the name. Google could give you some unfortunate matches these days. Just sayin'.

The new "Sorcerer Supreme" starts calling herself "Dr Stephen Strange". Not only this, but lifelong friends of the real Stephen Strange - who is still wandering around, doing kids birthday parties or something, I mean he's right fucking there - are apparently cool with this and just go along with it. Not only that, but Stephen Strange himself insists that people stop calling him by his own fucking name, as someone else is "more worthy".

Wait, what? Why would they do that? Why would he do that? Why would she do that?

Because, if they don't, they hate women. And so does anyone who has a problem with this story.

That's literally what has been going on in Thor recently. It's honestly like the writer is trying to tell the entire fanbase - not to mention the new readers attracted through the film franchises - to go and get fucked.

The thing is, this is the "man with tits" meme writ in its most literal form. It's not even a metaphor.

* In-Universe of course. I am aware this is fiction.