Posted: Apr 30, 2015 9:44 pm
by willhud9
The thing that always strikes me as odd is I grew up reading my dad's comic books. I grew up with all of Marvels heroes and villains and they had some kickass female heroes. Jean Gray and Storm of the X-Men remain my top 2 superheroes. They have strong female heroes such as Warbird/Ms. Marvel, Jessica Jones, Susan Storm/Invisible Woman, a ton of awesome X-Men, Elektra, etc. I never considered there to be a lack of female heroines. However, I never saw it as a negative if a new character was created or if a title was passed down.

Captain America, Ghost Rider, Sorcerer Supreme, are all titles that you can change the character playing them including their gender and race. That is fine by me.

But Thor...?