Posted: May 01, 2015 12:36 am
by KeenIdiot
I have have some problems with the comics. This new Thor is being set up as being simply better than the original Thor, without the years of practice Thor\Odinson has had with the hammer.
Sure, she could become better over time due to characteristics that the original guy lacks, but from the get go she is just supposed to be better with the hammer.
Then there is one issue where she faces a villainous couple, only for the woman to knock out her boyfriend and surrender because its so hard to try to establish yourself as a woman and be taken seriously.
Even though as a different, "better" Thor, it would have been a good fight showing her strengths against usually pretty tough villains to defeat.

Cheapens the character, even though I have been enjoying the story overall.
Especially the side story of Thor/Odinson trying to track down the identity of Lady Thor.