Posted: May 02, 2015 7:25 am
by Nicko
tuco wrote:WOW do you guys really consider this?

There's a thread on it, isn't there?

It's hardly a hot-button issue, as evidenced by the activity in it. But yes, people who like comics are interested in discussing them.

The real question is why you are wasting time posting in a thread you claim to be a waste of time.


tuco wrote:To me its like when playing RPG someone refuses to lower Intelligence of character to 3 from "role-playing" point of view .. oh really? lol

I have no idea of what you are saying here.

My best guess is that you are referring to people who use INT as a "dump stat" for their minmaxed combat machine of a fighter refusing to play the resulting character as a moron.

In which case, the GM should absolutely make them roll for anything involving thought. Fuck, if they've dropped their INT to that of a squirrel to get an extra STR point, I'd be making random rolls - in the middle of combat -to see if their armor falls off.

tuco wrote:Those are fairy tales, anything is possible. To look for logic or consistency .. alright but I guess I lack the imagination needed.

Even fantastic tales need their own internal consistency.