Posted: Feb 28, 2016 10:44 pm
by igorfrankensteen
Perhaps, you could formulate some scientific objections?

No scientific efforts have been presented with this, to object to.

By the way, the link as posted in the thread wont work, at least from where I am. I used the verbiage in it to locate what I think is what you referenced.

It talks about a fairly common kind of "experiment" wherein various people were asked to say if they recognized the difference between some art which other people had lauded and paid highly for, and some scribbles by the author. When some people could not, this was assumed to mean that all art was nonsense.

Another part of it, referred to how SOME people, who had grown up with training that the placement of a certain sized object in a room, indicated that it was supposed to be there for holy veneration, and that when those particular people were presented with an artists' display, in which a black rectangle was placed in the same position, that those people objected to this as being an affront to their beliefs. That in turn, was used to claim that therefore art addresses the same areas of the mind as religious belief.

Nothing but observations and assumptions and opinions were presented.

If there's more to this that what I found, I'll need a link which works,in order to see it.