Posted: Feb 29, 2016 12:40 pm
by Scot Dutchy
The_Metatron wrote:
vernichter wrote:
igorfrankensteen wrote:I wouldn't agree that the article supports that this was a SCIENTIFIC study.

I've been seeing "studies" and "experiments" with art for my whole life. I haven't seen one yet which followed even the most simple versions of scientific method and principles.

Perhaps, you could formulate some scientific objections?

Scot Dutchy wrote:Vernichter?

That strikes many bells in Dutch. A "nicht" is a female cousin or niece but it is also the word for a gay in a negative sense. The point is a noun is turned into a verb. To gay someone.

If you don't understand something you can highlight the word and do an internet search.

He doesn't need to do an internet search to figure out a Dutch word, he is fluent.

Thanks Jesse :thumbup:

vernichter where did you pick up your tag? It is very bad terminology in Dutch. In fact in the gay scene it is verging on the equivalent of verkrachter (rapist).

In German it means annihilator.