Posted: Apr 05, 2016 12:56 pm
by Hobbes Choice
Photos have been around 200 years; colour over 100.
The colour in this photo is post WW2.
The hairstyle is more like mid 1960s. And the clothing is not clearly identifiable to any era.
So far so useless. Post 1960.
The antiquing can be added easily enough with Google Nik, or many other packages available for free.

The zoom resolution is pretty good for an old photo, so it's either taken on a top quality chemical film or, more likely it's taken on a digital, then stressed for age.
A close look at the stressing looks fake - but that could be because what I can see is digital being on a computer screen.
In a sense it is pointless to ask this question, because the age of the photo AS IT IS is a digital image on a computer screen and thus its age IS the DAY IT WAS POSTED.