Posted: May 28, 2016 12:32 am
by DougC

B.B.C. Article
Stories by children about the perils of reality TV judging, dementia and a bloodthirsty pig are among the winners of this year's 500 Words.
Now in its sixth year, the BBC Radio 2 contest challenges under-13s to write a story about any fictional topic.
Winners were announced on Chris Evans' breakfast show from the Globe Theatre, with Julie Walters and Tom Hiddleston amongthe celebrity narrators.
This year had a record 123,436 entries, up from 2015's 120,436.
Evans said: "Once again, the children of the UK have proved that they are amazing wordsmiths. It's been such a treat to hear the finalists' stories bought to life at the final by our very special guest narrators.


Ned Marshall (12) won gold. This is like the script of a Twilight Zone episode.

Oh no, oh no. 500 words just isn't enough to prove my innocence, and I'm already down to 482. Well, my name is Jacob Carter as you already know. I’m a young man. I'm innocent.


Cut the lies. We've all read the evidence already. This man will repeat his actions if he scores an overall innocent. We see through you.


Please don’t use up my words. Now I only have 428 left. I need my words. I have a family. I have a wife. A son. I love him. Little Callum. He needs a daddy, he’s only seven.


I’ve got a daughter too. I love her. That’s why I want her to be safe from people like YOU.


Please, please - if your choice is guilty make that all you say. My words are precious. Don’t use up my words and waste my jury time. This system is ridiculous. I know they changed it to save money, but surely a case like this deserves a jury in a room? I just wish I could afford to pay for the proper trial, to prove it wasn’t me.

@Gregory Adams

If your aim is to vex us, you fail. Your arguments are inadequate. I apologize highly for my verdict being


Greg, listen to me - I can tell from your words that you're an educated man, so listen to the truth. I never mentioned this before. I was protecting him- my brother; Dominic. I love my brother, but when he's drunk he gets violent and angry. When he asked me to talk to the police, I said yes because I was scared. But it WAS my brother who committed the crime, not me. That favour was the most stupid thing I ever did, and I see that now.

Do you understand what happens to me if there are more guilties than innocents? I will die! The doctors are in the room next door, ready to inject the poison into my skin. Please just save my life. I want to see my family again.


I believe you are being dishonest, but the crimes you committed don't justify taking someone's life.


Thank you, but I DIDN'T commit the crime. It was my brother, Dominic Carter. It was him. Please believe me.


Jacob, I came here today ready for a guilty, but I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.


Anyone else? Anyone else to vote innocent? And please save my words.

@James Turner

I’m on the same page as @braveheart


YES!! It’s a draw so it's a hung jury, right? So I can have an e-retrial. Then I can bring in the evidence against Dominic. Oh YES! Thank you @Braveheart, @RyanRox, @JamesTurner. You guys have literally saved my life. 466 words. Nearly there. Is anyone else, online? Okay quickly I'll use up my words so no one else can get in blah blah blah 490 blah blah blah 494 blah blah


#guilty, Brother.

The girl who won the 5-9 category has a twisted mind. :lol: