Posted: Nov 21, 2016 3:15 pm
by crank
Shrunk wrote:
crank wrote:We've had this discussion before, about 6 years ago, I think this is the company I called, to talk about their $25 switch outlet covers, which I see are now $30. The high end audio market is so full of shit, it is almost impossible to tell if it's parody. Like the rightwingers come to think of it.

Yes. And while Machina Dynamica is generally treated as a joke in the audio press, when it gets any attention at all, Nordost is generally discussed in serious and reverent tones. I suppose that's the difference between charging $30 for your snake oil, and $60,000.

And the same question remains: Does Nordost really believe the pricing for their cables is justified? Or are they laughing all the way to the bank?

Considering how I'm never surprised by how delusional some folk are, or how devious and crooked others are, it makes it too hard to tell. Oh, for a bug in their board room, or, better yet, in their labs. One possibility is to look at their employees, the engineers, and see if any have published papers in respected journals, and even more interesting, is how often have they tried and failed? If they're legit, there should be a string of papers on their technology published by respected journals or magazines, if they haven't even tried, I'd say that's a tell, they're just con men.