Posted: Nov 21, 2016 6:27 pm
by The_Metatron
Well, I'm over fifty years old, and have been exposed to some damaging sound pressures over the years. The little hairs aren't all there any more, by a long shot.

Anything more sophisticated than a Bose Wave is pretty much a waste of resources for most people my age. You simply can't hear what you once could.

Except for a nice set of headphones. If I really want the details, I use headphones.

Even in that field of audio equipment, there is a steep curve of diminishing returns. I have a pair of nice Klipsch Reference One headphones, that sound very nice indeed:


But, they don't sound anywhere near ten times as good as a pair of these sub-$40 SE-MJ151 headphones from Pioneer:


I'm not very sure there's even an appreciable difference, except the Reference Ones have iPhone controls and the Pioneers do not.