Posted: Nov 21, 2016 7:10 pm
by crank
The_Metatron wrote:Well, I'm over fifty years old, and have been exposed to some damaging sound pressures over the years. The little hairs aren't all there any more, by a long shot.

Anything more sophisticated than a Bose Wave is pretty much a waste of resources for most people my age. You simply can't hear what you once could.

Except for a nice set of headphones. If I really want the details, I use headphones.

Even in that field of audio equipment, there is a steep curve of diminishing returns. I have a pair of nice Klipsch Reference One headphones, that sound very nice indeed:


But, they don't sound anywhere near ten times as good as a pair of these sub-$40 SE-MJ151 headphones from Pioneer:


I'm not very sure there's even an appreciable difference, except the Reference Ones have iPhone controls and the Pioneers do not.

I'm well over 50, and not only have the normal hearing loss of decrepitude, but tinnitus, there's cicadas going at it in my head every waking moment. So you lose some of the high end, it isn't like you've lost all hearing acuity because of that. That's one of the benefits of being a bass freak, you don't lose that side of the spectrum, the hairs are too robust to break off like the ones for the high-end. One other bright spot is that it's likely they'll be able to fix this before too long, we can join the growing ranks of the cyborg class.