Posted: Nov 21, 2016 8:44 pm
by Macdoc
. What relevance the apple 12-core has is beyond me. The added stuff on headphone promoted as the better way for engineers to work is not germane to the argument, take that up with electricwhiteboy.

Because our clients are mixing music professionally and they don't need or want subs.....that's the want to flap the curtains in an uncontrolled room and think it's "realistic" by all means buy the woo.

Pro audio clients use both headphones and studio monitors for mixing....I just asked a couple of the owners we deal with.
DId you actually read the article.?

BTW the chair was done for movie listening and was designed by the head of Pioneer in the 70s for his own use ....we brought a could in for fun.

It had nothing to do with accurate sound