Posted: Nov 25, 2016 12:03 pm
by crank
Macdoc wrote:
. What relevance the apple 12-core has is beyond me. The added stuff on headphone promoted as the better way for engineers to work is not germane to the argument, take that up with electricwhiteboy.

Because our clients are mixing music professionally and they don't need or want subs.....that's the want to flap the curtains in an uncontrolled room and think it's "realistic" by all means buy the woo.

Pro audio clients use both headphones and studio monitors for mixing....I just asked a couple of the owners we deal with.
DId you actually read the article.?

BTW the chair was done for movie listening and was designed by the head of Pioneer in the 70s for his own use ....we brought a could in for fun.

It had nothing to do with accurate sound

So, you flipflop on the headphones in studios again, now they're not used, oh look, another flip in the very next paragraph!!!, monitors are used. YOU are the guy who brought up headphones, implying they aren't used by professional recording engineers, I only said I thought they are used, never that headphones weren't used. Plus, your clients are mixing, and I specifically mentioned I thought mixing was much more likely where headphones would be used. Are you arguing with me or yourself?

The 12-core BS was obviously irrelevant. A side question, irrelevant as it is, and that I recognize as irrelevant, do audio engineers generally want massive compute power? I don't know, I'm sure it would make some things faster, the demands of audio processing are miniscule compared to video processing. If they do, it seems like the processing software programmers would try to utilize the GPUs, which would likely make more difference than throwing cores at the job.

So, as I keep saying, you fail to grasp the argument since you keep insisting I'm saying that 'flapping the curtains' is more realistic, where did that daft BS come from? What I did say, am saying and you've done nothing to refute it, is that headphone experience is deficient in that they can't reproduce the low-frequency dynamics that are part of the sound, period. If the original source was flapping the curtains, then I would bet my sub could do a better job reproducing that than any headphone ever made or or were possible to make.

This is I think the third time I've restated the issue, you are quite persistent in misconstruing it, and consistently so. What good is this? Why the persistence? It's like having all 12 core working feverishly on bad data, the extra cores ain't buying you anything, GIGO. What's really horrible is my new sub didn't come in, I read it wrong, it's next monday before I can make my curtains flappier.