Posted: Jun 03, 2010 6:28 pm
by Animavore
Horwood Beer-Master wrote:
Animavore wrote:...the impression I got from Pinkr is the Chomsky said that we had innate language facualties like we have innate walking or grabbing ability?

He doesn't think this innate ability is the result of evolution though, he see's it as some kind of 'mystery' which could only be explained (if it can be explained at all) at the level of the laws of physics, not the laws of biology. He also doesn't seem to think that consciousness can arise purely from the neurons of our brains, and that instead this is another 'mystery', and that therefore true artificial intelligence will prove impossible.

It's possible he may have changed his views on some of this since Darwin's Dangerous Idea was written for all I know, but he's probably still clinging to skyhooks of one kind or another.

I remember the Dennet mentioning "sky-hooks" in another book before (Either Breaking the Spell or Freedom Evolves as they're the only 2 I read) and Dennet mentioned it was more like "cranes" than "sky-hooks". Dawkins also used the analogy (attributing it to Dennet).
As I said, Dawin's Dangerous Idea is on my list but this list is like a road which stretches further as I draw nearer so when I get to it I'll never know.