Posted: Jul 13, 2017 3:30 pm
by Animavore
I visited the Irish Museum of Modern Art today. There was some interesting stuff by Paul Laffoley, Jordorowsky, and a really stunning piece by a guy named John Russell (2017) called Filth. But I'm not moved on my view that much of modern art is utter tosh elevated by the pretentious.

I saw such great works as a Saban cymbal hanging from a piece of cord from the ceiling, an inch above the ground, with a lump of granite on the floor beside it. An Adidas tracksuit nailed to a wall. A video of a guy cracking his knuckles. A video of a dead horse being dead for 20 minutes. A blue square in the corner of a purple square. Some writing on a piece of paper. A dining table and chairs with the plastic covering still on them. At one point I even entered a small, empty room linking two exhibits which was lit with UV light and I thought; Is this... art? Or am I just in a violet room? I moved on quickly before someone walked in and saw me standing there like a gobdaw.

Not all bad. There was a really good video on geometry, some great, surreal paintings, and a dark room with crystals on the ground, lit from below, which projected a myriad of spectrum images on the walls and ceiling which evoked images of one of those deep Hubble telescope pictures showing countless galaxies.

Now all this said, I did come across a wonderful collection of hand-painted tarot cards by Austin Oman Spare and all I could think was, They'd make awesome phone covers. So it's possible I'm a complete Philistine.