Posted: Jul 13, 2017 4:41 pm
by ElDiablo
Animavore wrote:
I saw such great works as a Saban cymbal hanging from a piece of cord from the ceiling, an inch above the ground, with a lump of granite on the floor beside it. An Adidas tracksuit nailed to a wall. A video of a guy cracking his knuckles. A video of a dead horse being dead for 20 minutes. A blue square in the corner of a purple square. Some writing on a piece of paper. A dining table and chairs with the plastic covering still on them. At one point I even entered a small, empty room linking two exhibits which was lit with UV light and I thought; Is this... art? Or am I just in a violet room? I moved on quickly before someone walked in and saw me standing there like a gobdaw.

These days when I see stuff like the cymbal, I think people have run out of ideas. Marcel Duchamp was doing that stuff much more provocatively 100 years ago. There is some art that is best understood in the context of the era it was created in but I've seen contemporary stuff that just makes me say there are more interesting things in the real world than a gallery.