Posted: Feb 04, 2018 1:43 pm
by hackenslash
Regina wrote:Your text is an evocative piece written by an art lover and as such it undoubtedly has its merits. But as someone who has a rather more sober attitude to art and artists, I tend to see things a bit differently. I'm not quite sure to what extent you buy into the rather romantic view of what art is (or isn't) put forth by Molly.
You refer to art as a form of propaganda, which some of it is, but you don't come back to that, your starting point, in your text. Unless, of course, your being overwhelmed by what you saw is a function of said propaganda.
Also, I'm convinced that it is indeed possible to talk about art with a little more precision than you do in your piece, for example by leaving out "rumours" and anecdotes about the artist. There's more, but I'm not inclined to start a lengthy discussion on here. If you're interested, PM me.

I wasn't really referring to art as a form of propaganda, I was referring to its use in devotional paintings as propaganda, which is what it is.

The piece was really about the visit, and the preamble was mere background. As for the rumours and anecdotes, they're not something I'd normally go into, and art isn't something I talk about very much, but in the case of Caravaggio, the events in his life are very much reflected in the way he painted, and I think the background is useful in those terms.