Posted: Mar 07, 2019 5:14 am
by don't get me started
Good stuff!

Yeah, I just got the new calendar for the academic year at my uni.
Last year the title at the top was Hesei 30, but this year they have just gone with 2019.
(Can hardly believe it, but I came to Japan in Heisei 7!!)

Sometimes I feel these transitional stages of my life and yeah it is definitely an incremental process.

But then I sometimes feel that all of those previous me's are still here. I was in the park with my kids and I suddenly
decided to climb a tree. Something I had not done for over 30 years!
Ha ha it was great fun. I remembered the feel of rough bark on my hands and wedging my knee at the joint of a branch to lever myself up, and I was right back to being 10 years old again.
My little boy (6 yo) got up with me and we had a whale of a time going higher and higher, testing the branches.
Mum looked on with bemusement (and some concern) and said afterwards that there were two little boys up the tree that afternoon! :thumbup:

We often climb trees together now and I even haul up my little girl (3yo), much to mum's dismay!