Posted: May 22, 2020 12:34 am
by The_Piper
I think that could be right, as in every podcast they mention Evergreen or telomeres (work he participated in about lab mice). But in fairness, they're asked a lot of questions about it. I have no interest in the Evergreen story. I don't know the full story. Some students wanted the white people to stay home for a day and these two refused. Big deal, I can't blame them either. But a lot of their podcast questions are about anti-pc, and also, especially in the written comments there are a shitload of far right assholes that listen. They don't sound like anti-pc people much at all in the podcast. Heather vaguely mentioned problems with academic "establishment" which makes me a bit skeptical, but I don't pay attention to that subject either. I'm merely a guy on the internet. The ideas about evolution are interesting and make me think, so it's enjoyable.