Posted: Jul 01, 2020 9:27 pm
by arugula2
The_Piper wrote:I think that could be right, as in every podcast they mention Evergreen or telomeres (work he participated in about lab mice). But in fairness, they're asked a lot of questions about it. I have no interest in the Evergreen story. I don't know the full story. Some students wanted the white people to stay home for a day and these two refused. Big deal, I can't blame them either. But a lot of their podcast questions are about anti-pc, and also, especially in the written comments there are a shitload of far right assholes that listen. They don't sound like anti-pc people much at all in the podcast. Heather vaguely mentioned problems with academic "establishment" which makes me a bit skeptical, but I don't pay attention to that subject either. I'm merely a guy on the internet. The ideas about evolution are interesting and make me think, so it's enjoyable.

That right-wing dogwhistling is basically what the mystery-meat is, in all their non-technical conversations. The coyness that rubbed me the wrong way, even in interesting convos, was always a combination of narcissism & alt-right pandering. They sound like the 'polite' or 'reserved' alt-right vanguard: "Oh, well, I'm sure it's beneath me to outright say that the entire academic world is conspiring against me, and, could someone remind me: isn't it kind of what it's like to be a white man in the modern age? Some would say it's exactly like that." That sort of bullshite, but subliminally. Have the guts to spew your nonsense in full view, is my motto.

It's a mark of the times, if nothing else, that I thought it was one of the Weinstein brothers in a video interview who gleefully points out that none of Joker's victims (in Joker) was undeserving of murder - that every one of them was a criminal scumbag, and critics supposedly miss that. But I can't find the comment where I thought it was, and now I'm thinking it may have been Dave Reuben who said it. Oh well.

And just to clarify, the social worker in Joker - even by the movie's own logic - isn't a criminal scumbag deserving of murder. In fact, the movie portrays the character as haggard & sympathetic, and the script goes to lengths to underscore that this character and the Joker are in the same boat, victims of an apathetic system. But the character is black, so...

Same thing, right? :dunno: