Posted: Jul 21, 2020 1:25 am
by arugula2
I'm thinking at this point a podcast is any episodic audio/visual series not primarily meant for television. :dunno: Idk that any other conception makes sense anymore, and idk that it makes a difference whether the creator markets it as a "series" or a "podcast" or not.

I guess at some level, something like a series of twitch streams becomes a defacto podcast once the "episodes" are uploaded for later consumption. The distinguishing feature being that they were initially streamed live (sort of like a television broadcast... which twitch was initially designed to mimic/replace, just like the first podcasts were designed to mimic/replace radio broadcasts). But some so-called podcasts also stream live, so... I think the key criterion is portability of the final product.

Of course, as one pulls that thread, then almost everything becomes a podcast at some point in its life.