Posted: Nov 07, 2022 1:24 am
by Spearthrower
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Aside from the network publishing figures, the only credible means of judging viewership is Nielsen Ratings or similar. ... TV_ratings

Far from perfect, obviously restricted to the US market, and the flaws are well known, but it still provides some means of determining the reception of a program particularly when the US is the primary market.

Today's rankings:

"Bombed" said the path of the flight of birds across the sky.

The thing is RoP started on such a high that losing some viewership means it is still quids in. It can be true that it can lose viewership (in the small demographic that is tracked at least) and still be a success.

One the former does not preclude the latter

It's not like it's at all unusual anyway. The vast majority of shows lose viewership over time. I am sure we all know why too because we see a new show on our preferred and prepaid streaming service so we check it out, watch one or two shows to decide if it's for us, and often drop it never to return. That's basically my entire Netflix experience in one sentence.

Isn't it everyone's?

I have a general three episode rule for giving something a chance myself. Though some shows I'm in on episode one and others I don't make those three episodes.

Aha no, apparently it's because they're made by woke people following woke religion into woke woke woke... sorry, these empty edgelord memetic agitations contain zero information so I can't satisfactorily parody them.