Posted: Nov 07, 2022 1:34 am
by Greg the Grouper
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You've not established any metric for defining 'well' but if it's similar in formulation to your 'bombed' I am not sure how we can expect to communicate despite supposedly using the same language.

Purveyors of woke media are unusually salty about their highly successful projects:

Are you truly surprised that people got annoyed and started talking shit? Truly? You believe that anything approximating a nontrivial portion of the human population embraces stoicism in their lives, and wouldn't simply flip the bird to someone that's pissing them off?

You really think the fact that someone got defensive and upset is evidence of an associated project being a financial flop? Truly?

She could be making a huge deal about how well She-Hulk has truly done. Instead she's taking the lady Ghostbusters "fuck the fans" route. Sus!

First of all, I highly doubt that none of the people you're referencing have never been caught praising the work they were part of, as that's actually extremely typical behavior.

Second of all, the idea that you're reading so deeply into the success of this show based on, again, extremely typical behavior of literally anyone with some annoying twat giving them shit is pretty silly.